Five of the best money giveaway activations

Free money is bound to get people interested and cause a stir. We take a look at some of the cash-giving activations that have got people talking.

The Battlefield Hardline: Live experience ran for eight days before a winner was found
The Battlefield Hardline: Live experience ran for eight days before a winner was found

EA Games’ 10k giveaway

Last April EA Games gave away a £10,000 cash prize to the winner of Battlefield Hardline: Live - an experiential event based on the brand’s latest video game. The experience took place over eight days, with participants tasked with entering a securing complex, rescuing a VIP, breaking into a vault protected by multiple codes, and stealing as much loot as they could.

Origami dogs in Bristol

Origami dogs to hit the streets of Bristol

Online insurance provider Beagle Street gifted £10 notes to passers-by in Bristol, in the form of Origami dogs. Five-hundred of the paper-creations were placed throughout the city, in a stunt to highlight that overpayments by the average person stand at £109 for life insurance. The stunt was replicated in other UK cities in the proceeding weeks.

Birds Eye’s frozen cash billboard

The ice sculpture contains £700 of cash (@AsmitaS21)

Birds Eye created an eye-catching stunt to spearhead its iFreeze iSave campaign, which encourages consumers to freeze their food. It commissioned a frozen billboard, containing £700 of coins and notes which were designed in the shape of a fish. When the icey sculpture melted, members of the public were able to collect the money which had fallen down from the billboard.

Santander’s festive ATM stunt

The Astonishing Treat Machine dispensed Christmas gifts and cash

Not so much a cash giveaway, but a cash machine giveaway, 'ATMs' - Astonishing Treat Machines - at a branch of Santander in Barnsley surprised customers with Christmas-themed tasks and gifts last November. Olympic gold medallist Jessica Ennis-Hill, who was hidden from view, gave tasks to those who visited the child-sized ATM funs tasks to complete, with gifts dispensed on their completion.

Zopa’s money trees

The trees contained cash and vouchers

Not quite so recent, but a great money giveaway activation, was online lending platform Zopa’s free ‘money trees’. Commuters at London Victoria were surprised with the mythical plants, which were laden with real £10 notes as well as vouchers which could be redeemed through the company’s website.

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