Five bakery hybrids that outshine the Cronut

There's a negative correlation between popularity and coolness - a fact proved by the rise and fall of the Cronut (that's a croissant-doughnut to you). We unearth the bakery hybrids spawned from this gooey phenomenon.

The Cronut: The pastry that launched 1,000 bakery hybrids (iStock)
The Cronut: The pastry that launched 1,000 bakery hybrids (iStock)

The Duffin

What’s the hybrid? A muffin and a doughnut that often comes filled with jam, chocolate, custard and other popular sweet injections.

Where can I get one? London-based purists can find the original at Bea’s of Bloomsbury tearooms in St Paul’s, Farringdon and its namesake.

Event says: This innocent-looking treat has provoked some heavy legal issues. London tearoom Bea’s of Bloomsbury claims itself as the creator, although Starbucks’ factory supplier trademarked the name in late 2013.

The high street chain has since stopped selling the Duffin.

The Crookie

What’s the hybrid? A croissant stuffed with cookies – specifically, Double Stuffed Oreos.

Where can I get one? Toronto's Clafouti Patisserie et Café avoided poor Bea’s of Bloomsbury’s misery and cleverly trademarked the Crookie when it devised the invention.

Event says: We’re not sure if any pastry’s worth a long flight across the Atlantic, but this comes close. Why not try stuffing some chocolate Hobnobs inside your next croissant and invent the Crookie’s British cousin?

The Proissant

What’s the hybrid? Come on, you should be able to guess these by now. It’s a pretzel and a croissant.

Where can I get one? It doesn’t look like The Proissant has ventured out of its New York home yet. Specifically, the City Bakery claims responsibility for this French-Germanic love child.

Event says: While we love the name, the similarity between croissants and pretzels means this one doesn’t blow our minds the way other hybrids do.

The Bronut

What's the hybrid? We'd love it to mean a brownie doughnut, but alas it is a brioche doughnut.

Where can I get one? A surprising number of places around London: The Hole in Hackney, St John Bakery and Asia de Cuba all serve them. As an un-trademarked hybrid, there's also a plethora of recipes online so you can create your own.

Event says: It's a subtle mix, but who would say no?

The Cherpumple

What’s the hybrid? It’s probably the most outlandish of all the bakery crossovers: cherry, pumpkin and apple pies baked inside cake and stacked together.

Where can I get one? In your kitchen. Charles Phoenix, author and self-proclaimed ‘ambassador of Americana’ developed this culinary monster – you can learn how to create your own from the video above.

Event says: Five stars for creativity – a centerpiece that will baffle and bemuse guests in equal measure.

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