My Event World - Rebecca Rainer

Rebecca Rainer, venue event executive at Stoneleigh Park, on starting out in the industry and enjoying the diversity of her role.

 Rebecca Rainer
Rebecca Rainer

I got into the events industry because it allows me to work on different projects and learn something new every day. Diversity in my job is important to me.

I have worked here since my placement year at university in 2010. I took on a permanent role after graduating in June 2012.

I was attracted to this particular role because I was talent spotted.

Not many people know that I never take the easy option – I always want to challenge myself.

My worst experience at an event was when the local council installed temporary traffic lights on a major route into one of my events, potentially causing massive queues. We quickly overcame the problem by repositioning signposts and directing visitors in through an alternative entrance.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt it’s that you can’t plan for everything. Something will always crop up that you didn’t anticipate, but it’s an opportunity to show off your ingenuity and devise creative solutions.

The best event I’ve been involved in was Your Horse Live. The scale was vast and the work demanding.

If I could do it all over again I wouldn’t do it differently. I’m just starting out and want to experience everything as it happens, good and bad.

The one thing I can’t stand is laziness, and I don’t just mean at work. When someone doesn’t pull their weight it makes life so much harder.

Outside of work I spend my time keeping fit, spending time with family and friends and plotting my escape from living with my parents.

If money were no object I’d still be working in the events industry. It really does suit me down to the ground and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I’d make sure that each of my events had a hint of glamour though.

The one thing I can’t do my job without is my team. I know that’s cheesy, but I wouldn’t have made the transition from university to working life so smoothly without the support of the people I work with.

If I could switch places with anyone else in the industry I don’t think I would. I want this to be my journey through the industry, and I want to experience every adventure on the way.

If I ruled the event industry I’d bring every event to Stoneleigh Park.

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