The Event Production Show day one: Harvey Goldsmith and images

The Event production Show kicked off yesterday with record exhibitors and some strong views from promoter Harvey Goldsmith on ticketless events.

The Event Production Show day 1: Harvey Goldsmith and images
The Event Production Show day 1: Harvey Goldsmith and images
Goldsmith, in one of the show’s first talks, said the technology was in place to create ticketless events, but promoters are preventing it happening.

"Most promoters don’t want to do it because they have side deals [and benefit from black or grey market ticket sales]," he said. "They don’t want the transparency."

Goldsmith has successfully trialled a programme that sees tickets bought by credit card or debit card, where the card itself becomes the ‘ticket’. Visitors bring the card and ID along to the event, ensuring that the tickets are not sold on to a third party.

In a typically forthright discussion, Goldsmith went on to claim that London’s parks and gardens do not want to hold events but are forced to for the financial gain, and expressed a more than slight dislike for auction website Ebay.

The exhibition’s final day is today (3 February). To see images from the first day of the Event Production Show, click here.

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