Event exclusive: SEE Touring Attractions announces five-year Astérix tour of Europe

The company behind the Titantic Movie Tour will launch a touring interactive exhibit based on comic book character Astérix in Autumn 2012.

Event exclusive: SEE Touring Attractions announces 5-year Astérix tour of Europe
Event exclusive: SEE Touring Attractions announces 5-year Astérix tour of Europe

The tour will visit 20 cities across Europe for three to four months each, including London.

In his only interview to the events sector, SEE Touring Attractions CEO Martin Biallas told Event the tour will have its own 35,000sqm temporary structure.

"The structure is part of the exhibit. It’s very themed with huge side walls which are all Astérix and Obelix billboards. It’ll almost be like the circus is coming to town. Sometimes when changing between venues would require a lot of time, we’ll also consider going to arena and convention centres as venues."

The themed five-year exhibition will include a museum area covering the history of Astérix featuring original drawings.

Visitors will be taken on a walk-through journey through different Astérix stories.

Biallas added: "It’s a very elaborate exhibit – more than an exhibit in fact. The visitor will be able to climb the Swiss Alps on a climbing wall, to go into the pyramids and to ride on the 4D magic carpet where there’s a motion simulator that flies you over ancient Rome.

"They go into the Roman camp in the forest to meet Cesar and do a task, and then if they succeed there will be celebrations in the village nearby. We’ve got the Astérix characters running around like in a theme park."

Biallas told Event the converative estimate of visitor numbers was 200,000 per city, but "when you look at the other events we’ve done it has the potential to reach half a million per venue."

SEE bought the license to use the Asterix brand from owner Les Éditions Albert René, and other Astérix activites like the new Astérix film next year will be cross-promoted.

Biallas told Event live touring attractions were showing no decline in popularity in the age of digital entertainment: "People want to get out of their houses. You can go to a restaurant, see friends, or go to the movies, but people are just dying to do something different. The exhibit business is booming: just look at the numbers. We’re doing the King Tut exhibition at the moment which is breaking records - anywhere between 300,000 and 500,000 people in each city."

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