Event Awards 2005: Best Field Marketing or Brand Experience Campaign - Sponsored by Blitz

GOLD - Living By The Book

In 2003, communications specialist BT introduced a 3-in-1 phone book combining a classified directory alongside residential and business listings for the first time. Band & Brown Communications was brought on board to launch the product into a highly competitive market.

The main objectives were to create awareness, maximize the book's relevance to users, demonstrate its offer while targeting 20-40 year-old users, particularly women. The campaign aimed to position The Phone Book as a lifestyle aid and culminated in nine events across the UK. These involved two contestants being invited to live in a giant Perspex box in shopping centres. Their only means of survival were a small budget, a phone and The Phone Book. Participants were challenged by the public and local press to complete tasks using the directory ranging from finding a tree surgeon for a radio listener to buying a karaoke machine. The winner, as voted by the public, won the items they sourced. The loser's purchases went to charity.

The campaign achieved 80 pieces of national and regional press as well as eight pieces of broadcast press. The Phone Book's marketshare rose from six to around 10 per cent.

SILVER - I'm a student get me out of here!

Agency Beatwax was tasked with creating a multi-platform event to promote the release of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy to engage an 18-24 year-old audience. With four media partners, MTV, XFM, Easyjet and Motorola, the agency sought five pairs of volunteers who were then dropped in their dressing gowns in mystery locations in Europe. Each had to return to London without flying with only £100 and a Motorola camera-phone. The event reached 9m people via various media outlets and 92,000 people applied to take part.

GOLD Agency: Band & Brown Communications Client: The Phone Book from BT Event: Living By the Book Key Suppliers: Radiolynx; Ice Live; Space & People SILVER Agency: Beatwax Client: Buena Vista International UK Event: I'm a student get me out of here! FINALISTS Agency: DMW Client: Innocent Drinks Event: Fruitstock Agency: i2i Face to Face Marketing Client: Douwe Egberts UK and Philips Event: Senseo Roadshow Agency: LoewyBe Client: Procter & Gamble Event: Pampers' World of Babies Agency: Lime Client: Procter & Gamble Event: Pampers' World of Babies, Trucks tour

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