ES Group creates huge dome for royal event

ES Group produced a record-breaking dome to house an event combining members of both the UK and Qatar royal families.

ESG Dome
ESG Dome

The Qatar Dome, 42m in diameter, was visited by both Prince Andrew and Amir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani as both nations celebrated a deal that will see liquefied natural gas (LFG) delivered to the UK by Qatari firm Qatargas.

The huge "perfectly spherical" temporary dome was cutting-edge in design. It saw 16 air filled panels fixed to the structure, each panel was then pressurised. Sensors in the panels were pre-programmed to enable the correct pressure to be maintained. The dome was built within two weeks after a design, planning and procurement period of six months.

Another UK supplier, Stage One, was also involved in the project and was reponsible for creating a decorative pool around the structure, producing internal seating area for the dome and an automated reveal.

Arena Seating provided the main seating for the event.

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