Edinburgh Fringe festival report No.1: Tim Key

Event magazine and Sternberg Clarke have sent Sternberg talent spotter Sarah Thorniley-Walker to check out the best acts from the Edinburgh Fringe so that you can select them for your future events. Here's her first report:

Tim Key at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Tim Key at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

"After winning last years Edinburgh comedy award, you would think the logical step for Tim Key would be to return to the studio and hastily write the difficult second album. But when the first sounds so good and is played with such expertise you can forgive him for returning with it to Edinburgh for a second year.

Those unfamiliar with Tim Key's career may be alarmed at the unstructured and shambolic format of the show, yet it works so well with Key at the wheel that you are left with a realisation that every element has in fact been carefully and artistically choreographed and constructed to achieve optimum laughter. From stumbling onstage to change hastily into his suit and shoes, right up until the culmination of the show, where Key - in a film projected at the back of stage - collects morning dew to boil a piece of pork for the woman he loves.

There are many iconic comedians who you could compare Key to, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore being just two. However he is oblivious to such comparisons and has developed his own particular style of comedy by simply letting his own imagination run away with him."

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