Edible Garden Show postponed because of slow recovery

This year's Edible Garden Show has been cancelled because of "the painfully slow recovery from recession", according to organisers.

Edible Garden Show postponed becuase of slow recovery
Edible Garden Show postponed becuase of slow recovery

The March 19-21 show will now be postponed until next year, from 18-20 March.

"Unfortunately the speed of the economic recovery has been far slower in the UK than in many other nations, which has resulted in a natural reluctance for businesses to commit to expenditure in such an uncertain climate," said event shareholder Brain Wiseman.

"Our concept has been well received and it has been widely recognised that, in The Edible Garden Show, we have a recipe for an exciting and innovative new national event."

The show had won endorsements from the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners (NSALG) and the Royal Agricultural Society of England. Both organisations have pledged their continuing support for the show and "back the decision to postpone the launch until 2011".

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