Disco back in style for Island launch

For a band launch party Island Records decided on a retro feel – with roller skates. Jeremy King sampled the energetic 80s vibe

Roller skates and leg warmers were donned enthusiastically by guests at the launch party for girl band LoveBites, which took place in north London nightspot Canvas.

An impressive array of music executives, PR agencies and members of the music press, along with popular television and radio presenter Mark Lamarr, were treated to a retro 80s-style roller disco party to celebrate the launch of the band, who are signed to Island Records, part of the Universal Music Group.

Island, which also represents Irish musical legends U2 and boy band McFly, wanted to create an event that would allow guests to interact with the whole showcase experience. With this in mind, the industry giant employed the help of agency Blonde Productions. "The client was aware of the resurgence of roller disco parties and that we had begun regularly putting on such events at Canvas. They undertook a site visit where we sold the entire idea of the party," explains Blonde Productions event manager Katie Fenelon.

The venue itself was divided into three sections with a distinct rocky disco vibe to represent the band themselves, who could easily be compared to a female version of McFly or Busted. The front of the venue was turned into a reception area where guests enjoyed drinks along with effective but simple canapés, including cheeseburgers and chunky chips courtesy of caterer Last Supper.

The main studio provided guests with a skating area, while the rear studio was turned into a concert hall where LoveBites played a four-song set. "This was the first time we have showcased a band and the reaction to the event has been brilliant," says Fenelon. "The event allowed guests to interact with the whole experience and attend a party that had a slightly different edge to it. Island and Universal were both delighted with the event and said that they considered it to have been a huge success," she adds.

With more than 300 special guests at the party Blonde Productions and Canvas proved that roller discos are definitely enjoying a comeback, and that simply by introducing something a little different any event can prove to be a winner.

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