Diary: Pukka idea, mate ... What is it about Jamies and altruistic behaviour?

First we had Mr Oliver taking on 15 unemployed youths to be trainee chefs, and now here comes Jamie Clark, who, with the help of supplier Gallowglass, is helping London's homeless and jobless get back on their feet. Clark's idea was to put his friends at Gallowglass in touch with charity The Connection at St. Martin's and form the Connection Crew, which will provide staff for smaller crewing jobs on short shifts in central London. Gallowglass chairman Paul Grecian said: "I think Jamie's initiative is a wonderful one. These are good people who have found themselves in these circumstances through no fault of their own, and as such, need and deserve this opportunity.

We will give them every support possible including providing initial training for their crew. Connection Crew could well make quite an impact on the London crewing scene where their rates and minimum call times will find a ready market." Rumour has it that Clark's next crusade will involve making caterers cook healthier, vegetable-based meals ...

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