DIARY: M&MR invites teams to enter the Labyrinth

Team-building can be a tricky affair. Do you risk paint-balling and hope that an over zealous member of staff doesn't start spraying everyone a nasty shade of pink? Or is it worth risking motor-racing at a circuit and watching wannabe Michael Schumachers write off a rather expensive car.

Motivation & Marketing Resources (M&MR) reckons it has found a new way of getting more team spirit from participants. It's called Labyrinth and focuses on fun rather than 'intimidation'.

Activities include physical and intellectual challenges, such as 'Marooned' which requires the rescue of a shipwreck's survivors with a model ship.

'Nuclear reactor' requires teams to transport 'volatile chemicals' across a toxic swamp and avoid a 'catastrophic explosion'. Certain governments around the world may be interested to call M&MR to find out which team was most successful on that one.

On second thoughts it might be best to contact someone else as other activities include an egg and spoon relay race on a steam traction engine.

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