Campaigns launched to quash media hatred of Christmas parties

Two major event companies are launching plans to reinvigorate the Christmas party market and combat the negative media surrounding the spending of company money on festive events.

Campaigns launched to quash media hatred of Christmas parties
Campaigns launched to quash media hatred of Christmas parties

The Concerto Group, one of the industry's biggest firms and owner of The Ultimate Experience, Create and Full Circle, has launched 'Say Thank You at Christmas' and is looking for industry backing for a PR campaign.

"The national media's campaign against corporate events, any form of hospitality, perceived excess and what they see as ‘corporate jollies' has the potential to be very damaging to all businesses in our sector, and I continue to be disappointed at the corporate world's unwillingness to promote events and engage in a debate about the clear and measurable value of them," said Concerto chairman Mike Kershaw.

"Say Thank You at Christmas is a straightforward message: the annual Christmas party is the perfect way to say thank you to your staff," he added. "It has been a very challenging year, for virtually every business or industry, so this year more than ever companies should be saying ‘thank you' to the people they employ and the Christmas party is a cost-effective way of doing this."

Event magazine backs the campaign and would encourage the industry to do likewise. A message was sent out to 150 firms asking for financial support to make sure a PR crusade is properly funded. Most would agree that the fear of being seen as spending too much on so-called 'needless' parties is unhelpful and unfounded.

In the same vein, Best Parties Ever is also launching a 'Save Our Christmas Parties' campaign. "For many, the company Christmas party is often the only perk in the year, particularly in times when pay rises are few and workloads are increased," said MD Tim Stevens.

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