Under the bonnet

TA2 managing director Chris Townsend's creative designs offered a fresh perspective onVauxhall's presence at the British International Motor Show

When the party is in full flow and every­one is enjoying themselves, praise is quite rightly heaped on the agency or client that put it together, but it’s easy to forgot about the people who actually visualise an event and put pen to paper.

Last year, I was commissioned by creative agency Drive Productions to ­create a fresh new feel for Vauxhall at the British ­International Motor Show, and came up with ­designs for a stage, backstage area and an outside seated arena. Drive had been given responsibility for four shows each day and ­responded with a ­Dockside Story theme, based on Romeo and ­Juliet. The two families were represented by two brands of car and the show included stunts, with aerial ­performances from trapeze artists.
Initially we responded with outline drawings and then headed onto the site to get a feel of how ­everything would look and what could actually be achieved. This allowed us to offer Drive a realistic ­vision of what their planned event would look

These images were worked up in colour and ­digitally enhanced, put into PowerPoint and printed up in a hi-resolution format. The graphics were then mounted onto foam boards for Drive to present during the pitch process.
The Dockside Story was a unique event because it took place outdoors and was conducted on a grand scale. It was also, logistically, very complex. The ­challenge was to convey the scale of the event and keep it exciting, without creating unrealistic expectations for the client. It is hard to explain a lot of ideas in words, so we produced the visuals to a level that ­provided Drive with the optimum way of presenting its thoughts to the client.

These type of hand-drawn images give clients a ­really good feel of what their event will look like, and, as in the case of the show owner IMIE, they can even pass this on to potential sponsors. From the feedback we received afterwards, it would appear that the hand-drawn visuals certainly brought the wow factor into the pitch for Drive Productions.

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