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Post grads and students aren't the only people on the hunt. Within the events industry right now, there is a huge amount of talk on 'talent', says Kevin Jackson, founder of Experience is the Marketing.

Events industry: hunting out the best talent
Events industry: hunting out the best talent

We’re getting almost obsessive about talent as we grow up as an industry, gain a clearer understanding of our value and look towards the people that are going to lead us into the next generations of growth.

So what are we looking for? Here’s six things you need to know and address from the offset.

1. People love love, so do companies

If you want to be in the events industry then you need to be in the events industry. If you’re waiting to be hired then you are already too late. Think of all the people in your class, in your campus and around you that are already in the industry. They have volunteered for local public events, they have helped to organise the Fresher’s Ball, they may even have conceived of, and implemented, an event for you and your contemporarie; they help out at the local theatre, club or arena. If that’s you, you’re already ahead of the rest. Employers love experience, and proactivity, but they also love people that love what they do as much as they do. 

Take note. This isn’t about work experience either, it’s important to try and get work experience within the industry, but it is difficult and you may not be able to afford to wait for this to come along. But don’t forget, this is a big industry and its often on your doorstep.

2. Be in the game 

I’ve worked right across the marketing mix, from advertising to events, and one thing is true, this is a social industry and digital is crucial. Forget the idea of HR people sitting at desks comparing grades and experience of CVs. Think now about business directors looking at your Twitter profile, your blogs, your content. If you’re in the game already, if you're showing yourself active, engaging and intelligent, you’re gold dust and they will swarm around you like bees around a honeypot. 

3. Your network is your net-worth

As quoted by one of our ILEA stalwarts! But it’s true, who do you know, what can you bring to a party? Every event at ILEA we see proactive students working the room, talking to members and potential contacts. They ask questions, they listen, they engage and they bring something to the party. This is brilliant, most of these students we see almost effortlessly glide into full-time positions and we also see them rise within the companies they work for. 

People like talking about what they do, they like inspiring students to enter the industry so get to know them now. ILEA is a perfect spring board and its membership is full of the very best event professionals out there. 

4. Read all about it

There is now so much information about this industry that there really is no excuse for not having a really good understanding of it and the trends and factors that influence it. We have brilliant online magazines like Event and there are new research papers being released on a weekly basis. There are associations hosting events and bringing to the table new thinking and trends. Get involved; much of it is free, all of it is important and relevant. 

Again, an employer that can see historic interest and enthusiasm about the trade someone is about to enter will always have more sympathy towards that person – it shows care and commitment.

5. Have an idea

If we’re not talking about ‘talent’ we are talking about creativity, so have an idea. Every event professional out there has within them an event they have conceived of and are just dying to implement. So, share yours, and if you haven’t got one, think on it and see what you come up with. Great ideas create great events; great events create revenue and business growth. Companies know the value of ideas and they want them all, so bring yours to the table. 

6. S.O.O.F.O

Answers on a postcard for this one, a clue is the first words are ‘Stand Out or …’. Its harsh, but we are in the events industry. It’s not a place for shrinking violets or those that prefer to stand at the back of the hall. You can be quiet, but you still need to stand out. This is a popular industry and a highly competitive market place, but if you’re good it’s a wonderful place to be. So, stand out, or… 

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