Abigail's Jubilee round-up

The event industry shone over the Diamond Jubilee bank holiday weekend, and with so much going on, I wanted to bring you a bumper photo gallery of all the highlights.

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    Blue Strawberry 1.jpg

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    Sea Containers House Jubilee Wrap.jpg

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    Ribena Berry Fort Jubilee.jpg

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  • XL Events Jubilee Concert Palace projections a 1 .jpg

    XL Events Jubilee Concert Palace projections a 1 .jpg

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    Blue Strawberry 2.jpg

  • Lucozade Sport at Jubilee Hyde Park.jpg

    Lucozade Sport at Jubilee Hyde Park.jpg

  • innovision_Jubilee_1.jpg


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The Jubilee river pageant wowed crowds who lined the banks of the Thames despite the rain.

Blue Strawberry took up residence in Sea Containers, which features the Jubilee wrap - the largest ever photograph of the Royal Family - hiding reconstruction work to transform the building into a luxury Mondrian Hotel.

The caterer provided a lunch in the new marketing suite for a number of property guests, those involved in the project and their families to watch the River Pageant.

At Buckingham Palace, the Jubilee concert provided a spectacular showcase of projection mapping, sound and pyrotechnics.

Working alongside D3 and Treatment Studio, XL Events supplied equipment and crew for the stunning projection mapping onto Buckingham Palace, and the onstage wraparound LED screens and IMAG cameras for the concert stage.

Providing guests with an amazing view of the River Pageant was Innventive, who took over Sugar Quay and built a grandstand one the edge of the Thames and gave guests a hospitality package that included champagne, pork pies and roast beef sandwiches.

Meanwhile, Innovision was in Trafalgar Square to create a sensational show, with a mixture of song and dance encouraging audience interaction to celebrate iconic moments of cultural British and London history from the 1950’s to the present day.

And, agency TRO was working with several brands, including Ribena and Lucozade at the Jubilee Family Festival in Hyde Park.

Phew – what a weekend of activity!

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